If you want to earn points and use them, first you need to register and log in, and then place an order, Share or subscribe.

1. Reward 40 points after registration;
2. Reward 10 points after subscrib newsletter;
3. Reward 30 points after sharing product link to social apps, but limited 3 times every month;
4. Reward 10 points after write a comment;
5. Reward large amount of points after placing an order. (Based on your order amount, the system will reward corresponding points for your account according to the rule: $2.00 = 1 Point. But these points can only be used the next time you place an order.)

You may ask:

A. What these reward points can do?

These points will be redeemed into cash at checkout.

B. How many US dollars can 10 points be exchanged for?

10 Points = $1.00

C. Why can't I see points after I subscrib to the website via email?

Only registed costomer can see the point page or point remind. So you must rigister firstly.

D. How to use my points?

Click "use reward points" to redeem cash when you place an order.

Notice: You must register and log in before you use points.

E. Where to check my points?

My account - Reward Points

F. How to share products to get points?

Open the product page you want to share, click the button as shown below:

G. How to subscrib the website to get points?

Enter your email in the loaction as the picture shows (must be the email you used when you registered in our website)